Joy is at the forefront of all that we do.  We know that children are naturally curious, and they love to learn.  We nurture that love in a variety of ways.  At KJDS, we love to sing, celebrate our successes and share our learning.  Through projects, special guests, and field trips we create authentic opportunities that our students eagerly embrace.  These experiences help our students own their learning.  At KJDS, you will also immediately recognize that we all truly enjoy each other and, you will certainly hear much laughter.


 Our KJDS community is comprised of students, staff, families, and community volunteers.  We all come together in support of our students.  We develop treasured relationships and lasting friendships.  And, our safe and supportive environment lays the groundwork for the students’ academic and social/emotional success.  All of our stakeholders are very intentional about listening and relationship-building.    Everyone in our community has a voice.  We also nurture our students’ Jewish identity, giving them a confidence in their faith that stays with them as they grow.


 Students excel when their interests are piqued, and they are excited about their learning.  At KJDS, we are full of engaged students!  In order for our exploratory based classrooms to succeed, students need to collaborate, problem-solve, and apply their knowledge to real world situations.  We give them the skills of respect and thoughtful questioning.  We nurture their creativity and teach them how to give and receive constructive feedback.  KJDS students are always engaged in productive struggle that leads to academic excellence. 

The Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School is a vibrant community filled with joy, rooted in core Jewish values, and devoted to academic excellence.



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