What is the Annual Campaign?
Each year, KJDS must raise enough private support to close the gap between tuition charged and the real cost of educating our students. The 2011-2012 goal is $175,000. Unrestricted gifts, including the net proceeds of our fundraising events and projects go towards meeting this goal.

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Why not just raise tuition so that it fully covers costs?
Maintaining tuition as steady as possible enables more families to take advantage of a KJDS education for their children. In addition, gifts to the Annual Campaign are fully tax-deductible and tuition is not. Many people enjoy this benefit.

How can I give to the Annual Campaign?
You may extend your support through an outright gift* and/or supporting a fundraising event.

The best case for KJDS would be if everyone could make an outright gift or pledge as early in the school year as possible and also buy tickets to attend our fundraising events. However, we understand that not everyone is financially able to do this. In that case, please choose to make an outright gift to the Campaign or to support the Campaign by buying tickets when you receive an invitation to an event.

* Outright gifts offer the greatest value to both KJDS and our donors; KJDS is able to allocate the entire contribution towards fulfilling its mission and you may claim the entire amount for tax purposes.

May I restrict my gift for a particular purpose?
Of course. Please understand that unrestricted gifts give us the most flexibility, enabling the school to respond to unanticipated expenses or take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. Still, you may restrict your gift for a particular purpose or program. Please have a conversation with a member of the Development staff as you make your gift to insure proper crediting.

When should we make our gift?
KJDS operates on a fiscal year that runs from July 1st through June 30th. For obvious reasons, it helps the school for you to make your gift as early in the fiscal year as possible. Many people choose to pay their pledges before December 31 to take advantage of the tax deduction. If you cannot pay your pledge in the fall, please consider making a pledge as early in the fiscal year as possible, to help the school with planning. All pledges should be paid before June 30th, 2012.

How do matching gift programs work?
As a benefit to you, your employer or bank may match your charitable giving. Details of this program are available in your company’s human resources management office or at your bank. Matching gifts could double or triple the value of your gift!

What is an endowment and endowed funds?
Endowments are funds intended to be kept permanently and invested to provide income for continued support of the Knoxville Jewish Day School. The KJDS Board oversees the investment strategy and makes decisions as to how the income available will be spent. In part, the endowment is a collection of permanent “named funds” that may support specific purposes like financial aid, faculty professional development, technology, library resources or other objectives. 

I just can’t give a lot – why is a small gift so important?
We understand that the amount that may be given to KJDS varies widely. The reason that we encourage everyone to give is because of the power of that message. We are always trying to increase the number of people who support KJDS – particularly throughout the greater Knoxville Jewish community. When we near 100% participation by parents, grandparents, and alumni – those who are arguably closest to KJDS – we send a powerful message to others that this is an institution worth supporting.

I want to give anonymously. How is this handled?
We respect the wishes of all donors. Please have a confidential conversation with:

  • Rabbi Yossi at (865) 745-9090
  • Miriam Esther, Head of School, at (865) 560-9922 or
  • Nancy Becker, Board President, at (865) 414-2304.

Your inquiry will be held in strict confidence.