Direct cash gifts are the most common form of giving and can be unrestricted or designated for a specific project or program. Gifts of cash may be made outright or used to fund a planned gift (see below) and they are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Checks should be made payable to “Knoxville Jewish Day School" or "KJDS."

Securities / Stocks
Stocks and bonds are, next to cash, the most popular way of making a gift. Gifts of securities can be one of the most advantageous ways of giving. If your gift of stock is one you have owned for more than a year, you may qualify to deduct the full market value of the stock as a charitable contribution, while bypassing capital gains taxes.

Real Estate
Residences, including vacation homes and farms, can provide a gift that allows the donor to realize a tax deduction, avoid capital gains taxes, retain lifetime occupancy for herself or himself and/or another person, and provide support for KJDS.

Endowed Gifts
An endowed fund is established in perpetuity and would have a continuing impact on the life of KJDS. Endowed funds may be established to provide financial assistance to a deserving student, or help underwrite a faculty member’s professional development, or many other initiatives. KJDS would invest endowments in the Knoxville Jewish Community Family of Funds to achieve a healthy rate of return that provides for both current needs and long-term growth. If you establish an endowed fund, KJDS will provide you with periodic financial updates and reports.

Planned Gifts and Bequests
A “planned gift” can be created to fulfill a long-desired philanthropic interest and may also allow you to increase your personal income, save on taxes, and make a legacy gift to KJDS that might not otherwise be possible.

Charitable Gift Annuities are a fixed-income plan that pays the donor or another person (or both) a guaranteed annual income for life. The rate of payout is determined by the beneficiary's age.

Charitable Remainder Trusts are flexible financial instruments that enable you to claim a tax deduction the year the gift is made, provide a stream of income you (or a designated individual, such as a spouse, during their lifetime,) and ultimately leave a significant gift to KJDS. You may fund a trust with a gift of cash, appreciated securities, real estate, or other non-cash assets.

Life Insurance can be a convenient and cost effective way of making a substantial gift to KJDS. Perhaps you have a paid-up policy with the original reason for purchasing the policy no longer a consideration. Gift opportunities range from naming KJDS as owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy to using a new life insurance policy to replace assets given to the school. Under the latter arrangement, you may make a significant gift to KJDS and use the tax savings to purchase a life insurance policy. The policy will replace the contributed funds for the future benefit of your family.

bequest is the result of careful planning for the best philanthropic use of assets that have taken a lifetime of work, care, and stewardship to build or preserve. The bequest may be a specific sum or a percentage of an estate that may provide a very significant gift to KJDS for a purpose that you designate. 

For additional information, contact Dr. Jeff Becker at 865.806.5452. 

Support KJDS while you Shop
Here is a list of some very simple ways to support KJDS while going about your everyday business.

  • Kroger, Food City, EarthFare and Fresh Market Gift Cards: KJDS is offering Kroger cards (5% back to KJDS), Food City cards (5% back to KJDS), EarthFare cards (10% back to KJDS) and Fresh Market (15% back to KJDS).  You can purchase cards in $50 denominations and up.  Please contact our office at 865-560-9922 to purchase.
  • Shop at Target: Target will donate 1% of Target Visa and Target Guest Card purchases made at Target and target.com and 5% of Target Visa purchases made elsewhere. Details at Target.
  • Collect Boxtops: Did you know the companies listed below participate in the BoxTops4Education program?  Simply clip off the Box Top found inside the flap, turn it into the Office, and turn that cardboard clipping into dollars for KJDS! Each Box Top coupon is worth 10 cents. Participating products include but are not limited to Huggies, Betty Crocker, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Total cereal, Pillsbury, Yoplait, Avery, Fruit Roll-Ups, Ziploc, Hefty and many others.
  •  Office Depot: ???

For more information, contact the Office at 865.560.9922 or [email protected].