KJDS Alumni

KJDS graduates go on to attend public and private schools.

KJDS alumni are active members of their communities volunteering, working as camp counselors, serving on boards, and mentoring young people. They are working to make the world a better place. 

What they say about KJDS

"After attending the Webb School for 2 years now, it has helped me realize how important my friends at KJDS were and how they helped me get over my shyness and strenthened my skills in making friends."
– Camden Boring, KJDS Graduate

"KJDS prepared me and gave me the confidence to conquer honors classes, the math olympiad, and gave me the confidence to run for student government representative in which I was elected."
– Noah Mesa, KJDS Graduate

"I was nominated for the Junior National Young Leadership Conference and People to People and KJDS helped me to achieve these things and so much more."
– Ilana Blumenthal, KJDS Graduate