On August 20th, we had our kickoff class for “STEAM Out Hunger” Our Students were introduced to Second Harvest Food Bank and got to understand what real hunger is. While some of the kids had sometimes skipped a meal, usually breakfast, no one had ever had to experience an entire day without food. To demonstrate how 1 in 5 kids may go hungry every day in East TN, the kids were given bags of chips while other kids got none. Next the kids were asked how they felt about seeing their friends without any food. They said they felt bad or sad. So they were challenged to “Show us what you would do about it!” Amazingly,-with no prompting from us the adults-almost the entire group WITH food got up and gave their chips to the kids with NO food. It was a magical moment and nearly brought tears to our eyes! They got it! They understood what hunger really meant and more importantly, they realized that they are empowered to do something to stop hunger!

Next, the kids worked in groups to make our class “Hunger Tree.” This will be an ongoing project throughout the class. The parts of the tree represent causes, effects and solutions to hunger.

Finally, it was time to show the kids what we were going to do to help STEAM Out Hunger! The kids were filled with giggles and excitement when we showed them pictures of structures built with cans. They got to put their imaginations to the test when we gave them cans and had them start building. It was amazing to see their creativity! We had everything from towers to spaceships to robots! We can’t wait to see what they can do after a few more lessons!

Stay tuned for next week when we will start learning to plan and sketch simple designs. 


p1000633.jpg      2014-08-20 03.47.34.jpg

Examples of their can structures.