KJDS students buzzed with excitement as they awaited the start of the second STEAM out Hunger class.  It was a big day for the students as during the class, each group was given a different animal as their “mascot”, to represent them for the rest of the semester.  After a reflection period to review their work from last week, students shifted their view to the lesson of the day – drawing objects from different perspectives.  Some of the students already knew about perspective, while others needed a little bit of a lesson.  Then came the fun part, each group was given a random object and allowed to draw from all different  perspectives – top, bottom, left, right, side, etc. The students loved being able to free draw in their groups and also loved the idea of different perspectives when drawing.  With these drawings, we are building the foundation of how to transition from a two-dimensional design to a three-dimensional can structure.

With a new frame of reference on perspectives, it was time to transition to the third dimension with some CAN-time.  Students were split by age groups to tackle the task of building a house.  Younger students worked with Legos and the older ones worked with cans. This was their chance to really shine in their creativity! It was also our favorite part of the day because we got to experience their enthusiasm!  Both age groups built houses and learned how to make a stable base for their structures –  an important skill for building our final structure!  The older students finished with extra time left in the period, so we gave them the chance to try and build their animal mascot.  Wow! They created some awesome animals – from rabbits, to elephants, to bears, oh my! The possibilities were endless as their imaginations stacked can over can.

Next week we will be talking about the math that goes into building structures!  We are excited to measure the fun as students learn this new volume of knowledge, which is certain to spark  “sum” innovation.