This week's focus was the engineering design process. Students learned the importance of the cyclical process of Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve. The concept of prototyping and improving was explored by each grade as they were each given a design challenge. K—1 students worked through the steps as they attempted to create a "chair for Mr. Bear." The chair had to be large enough and sturdy enough for Mr. Bear to able to sit in. 2-3 students were given materials and had to build a structure that could hold up a golf ball and withstand a simulated earth quake and 4-5 was tasked with creating a pin wheel that actually turned when blown by the wind A.K.A hair blower.
Students thoroughly enjoyed the process and were excited when after tweaking their design they saw improvements towards their final goal.
A Chair for Mr. Bear made out of lego.
A structure made from popsicle sticks and small cups.
The same materials were used to make the wind pinwheels.

MVI 5469 from Knoxville Jewish Day School on Vimeo.