Building on the Engineering Design Process introduced in the last class we disucssed in more detail the Imagine and Plan steps of the process. We discussed how engineers might use drawings, plans and/or scale models to guide their work and why these were important. Here is a great video that helped us understand the value of scale models.

After breaking up into teams (Milki, Taami, Krembo and Click) for an initial brainstorming session led by our team leaders, IMG_2511.JPG we exlpored the value of planning in the engeering design process. Our k-1 students worked off of pictures and plans as they build homes, cars, letters etc. from lego. Our 2-5 were tasked to build a table out of newspaper that was at least 8 inches tall and that could hold a heavy book.

The engineering desing process was in full gear as students attempts failed to carried the weight of the book they re-designed and many were successful at their second or third attempts. 



One student how wasn't successful in building a table in class but felt she had learned enough to give it one more shot took some newpapers home and built a table sturdy enough to hold two heavy books!

 Nyla's table.jpg


Reflecting on the activity some students felt like the plans were useless so the administrative team is hard at work designing a lesson that will give better insight into the value of plans and sketches.