Our Mission

The Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School is a vibrant community filled with joy, rooted in core Jewish values, and devoted to academic excellence. 


Our Vision 

The Knoxville Jewish Day School was created with many goals in mind. First and foremost is to focus on each child as an individual by keeping a low student/teacher ratio. Each student is challenged to aspire to the heights of his/her own academic capabilities, and is encouraged along the paths of artistic, physical, spiritual and social development and expression. Learning is viewed as a constantly unfolding process, to be valued and continued throughout one’s lifetime.

Also of great importance to KJDS is teaching the value of community. Cooperative learning, collaboration with peers and community-building are cornerstones of our approach to education. Multi-age groupings allow for each child to progress at his/her own pace and to enjoy the pride of individual achievement accordingly. Center-based classes create a balance between freedom and structure, enabling children to engage the teacher, and each other, in fluid dialogue and interactive learning. Learning as a shared experience is at the center of our school's philosophy and practice.

Ultimately, KJDS seeks to create curious and independent learners; critical thinkers who can ask questions, solve problems, reason thoughtfully, write well, appreciate beauty, develop passions, interact positively with others, and be productive within the broader community.  

Our Story

The Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School is dedicated to the memory of Stanford Eisenberg; a man of high moral character and esteem who made his mark on the Jewish community during his eighty-three blessed years of life. An accomplished US Naval officer during World War II, Stanford Eisenberg went on to achieve success in the world of real estate, establishing a reputation for integrity, creativity and visionary leadership. He was active on behalf of numerous Jewish causes, including Israel Bonds and the UJA.

Considering his passion for Jewish identity and continuity, it is surely a fitting tribute to his life and legacy that KJDS has been aptly named: The Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School.



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