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Head of School Message

Head of School Message

Head of School

Over the past a decade, I have been privileged to witness the remarkable transformation of KJDS, once a cherished dream, into a prestigious and distinguished private school, brimming with our enchanting 'Ruach' spirit. Each passing day unfolds with a tapestry of moments, memories, and interactions that reverberate with the KJDS spirit.

It’s each morning as our dedicated educators warmly welcome every student as they arrive and the symphony of laughter and camaraderie during our cherished "Morning Meetings'". It’s observing a fifth-grader assisting a first-grader on the playground or witnessing kindergartners build a spaceship in their makerspace. Through initiatives like constructing "Simple Machines" to transport toy donations for the Knoxville Children's Hospital or collaborating with a local architect to craft a can structure for Second Harvest Food Bank. The heartwarming transformation of a once-fearful student who couldn’t present his science project to his class, who, two years later, takes center stage in our annual musical.

In every corner of our school, from the classrooms to the playground, the KDJS spirit thrives, crafting a culture of academic excellence, camaraderie, and individual triumphs that will undoubtedly endure for generations to come.

My greatest ‘Nachat’ (pride) is in our alumni, who continue to seamlessly transition into local public and private schools, armed with high academic achievements. With exceptional scholastic records, 90% of our alumni engage in leadership roles or participate in extracurricular activities and over 70% thrive in honors classes.

At the core of our culture is our diverse team of innovative educators who are driven by a relentless pursuit of maximizing each child's potential. With a constant eye on cutting-edge practices and the evidence-based pedagogy, our faculty members engage in continual professional development and training.

I invite you to explore our beautiful community and get to know our exceptional students, families, and staff. Within this collaborative tapestry, each person contributes something truly special, and together, we create magical experiences that shape lives and ignite a lifelong love of learning.

Miriam Esther Wilhelm

Head of School

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