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At KJDS, we challenge our students to expand their academic capabilities and learn the value of community through cooperative learning, collaboration with peers, and community-building.

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Joy is at the forefront of all that we do. We know that children are naturally curious, and they love to learn. We nurture that love in a variety of ways. At KJDS, we love to sing, celebrate our successes, and share our learning. Through projects, special guests, and field trips, we create authentic opportunities that our students eagerly embrace. These experiences help our students own their learning. At KJDS, we all truly enjoy each other, and you are certain to hear laughter every day.


Our KJDS community includes students, staff, families, and community volunteers. We all come together in support of our students. We develop treasured relationships and lasting friendships. And, our safe and supportive environment lays the groundwork for the students’ academic and social/emotional success. All of our stakeholders are very intentional about listening and relationship-building. Everyone in our community has a voice! We also nurture our students’ Jewish identity, giving them a confidence in their faith that stays with them as they grow.


Students excel when their interests are piqued, and when they are excited about their learning. At KJDS, we are full of engaged students! In order for our exploratory based classrooms to succeed, students need to collaborate, problem-solve, and apply their knowledge to real world situations. We give them the skills of respect and thoughtful questioning. We also nurture their creativity and teach them how to give and receive constructive feedback. KJDS students are always engaged in a productive struggle that leads to academic excellence!

The Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School is a vibrant community filled with joy, rooted in core Jewish values, and devoted to academic excellence.

Head of School Message

Welcome to our website, a window into the Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School experience. Ten years ago, what started as the fulfillment of a 30-year-dream has since developed into a highly regarded private school known for its progressive, exploratory approach to learning, its strong sense of community, and the joy that permeates all parts of the school day.

In today’s fast paced, highly competitive culture, KJDS offers a nurturing and calm oasis of kindness and compassion. In this safe environment, we prepare students for all phases of their growth. KJDS students are encouraged to take appropriate risks, learn from failure, and explore concepts in depth. Creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and emotional well-being are the defining characteristics of a KJDS graduate.

KJDS is proud of our alumni, who have successfully transitioned to local public and private schools. All of our alumni have maintained high scores, 90% have engaged in leadership and/or extra-curricular activities in their respective schools, and over 70% have placed in honors classes. Parents of alumni attribute the confidence, study skills, and organizational skills developed at KJDS to their children’s smooth and successful transitions to middle school.

Our secret to success is our highly talented faculty. Our teachers have diverse experiences in innovative education and are driven to maximize each child’s potential. As 21st century educators, our faculty members engage in ongoing learning. They stay on top of best practices and the most updated trends in education.

Our balanced and dynamic curriculum encourages all students to achieve their full potential. The KJDS curriculum utilizes a full-immersion proficiency approach in the study of Hebrew as a second language, affording all graduates comfort and ease in conversing in a second language. All students participate in an annual theater production as well as a weekly STEAM into Service class. The latter is a fusion of project-based and service-based learning in which students actively work on projects that give back to the larger Knoxville Community. For example, in a previous year, all students (K-5) worked together to build a structure made out of 2,000 cans of food. The structure was displayed at a local museum to raise awareness about the issue of hunger in the greater Knoxville area. Following the display, the cans were donated to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Our inquiry approach to learning enables students to form connections between disciplines and dig deeper into subjects. Their application of studies to real-world situations develops a deep passion for knowledge. Our ability to celebrate each child’s individuality stems from the accepting, loving culture that is embedded in all things KJDS. Built on the Jewish Values of compassion, integrity, and a strong commitment to education, KJDS brings together many disciplines and educational methods to produce an engaging, rigorous program in a relaxed and joyful environment.

I hope that you will explore our wonderful community and get to know our students, families, and staff. Each and every one of us brings forth something unique, and together we make magic happen.

Miriam Esther Wilhelm

Head of School

Head of School

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