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The drama program at KJDS brings every student to the stage and nurtures the perseverance, confidence, and teamwork it takes to perform.  Every year, KJDS presents an all-school full-length musical. Working together, students bring the magic of musical theater to life and learn and practice many skills in the process. The drama program intentionally nurtures students’ leadership and collaborative skills as well as enhancing their public speaking skills and adaptability.  Students work together to learn the importance of the ensemble.  And, over the course of their elementary experience, students reach a level of potential they did not know they could achieve.  Not only is the Drama program hard-work and inspiring, but also putting on a play together is so much fun.



At KJDS, we understand the unique potential the arts brings in educating the whole-child. The Stanford Eisenberg Performing Arts Program provides students with a stage to explore identity, self-expression and creative thinking while developing life-skills in responsibility, collaboration and teamwork. Vendors and supporters have the opportunity to invest in the arts by purchasing an ad in our playbill.

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